Swear Jar iPhone Screen Shot Available on the App Store

Helping people stop swearing.

When your kid’s first word at day care is four letters long, starts with an “S” and ends with a “T” you realize its time to to cut back on the swearing. For someone who doesn’t carry around change but thinks a swear jar is a good-intentioned way to kick the habbit, the Swear Jar App is now available for iPhone.

“You really need to stop swearing.” —Jon's Wife

With this virtual Swear Jar, instead of needing a quarter each time you swear, you can keep track of how many times you swore and the amount you owe to pay out later. (Then your wife will get that thing she threatened to buy with your Swear Jar money.)

Each time you swear, just open the app and tap the coin to drop it in the jar. For each coin added your swear debt goes up $0.25. When you’re ready to empty the jar, just go the the info screen and press the “reset” button to start back at $0.00. Its a simple app with a simple purpose. Learn more in the online manual.

Stop swearing for your kids, your in-laws, your career, your faith or any other good reason to stop swearing. Can you stop swearing for under $5? That’s only 20 swears. We bet you think you can. But can you?

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Visit Swear Jar in the app store and click on the down arrow next to “buy now” and select “Gift This App”