Swear Jar iPhone Screen Shot

Swear Jar User Manual

The Main Screen

Once the app is fully loaded you'll be in the Swear Jar's main screen with a large "Oh S#!*%" bubble, a faded quarter and the top of a jar at the bottom of the screen. In order to use the Swear Jar app, you simply press on the quarter so it turns solid, and let it go to drop it in the jar each time you swear. Each time you drop a quarter into the jar, the dollar count increases by $0.25.

If you "accidentally" drop a quarter in that you didn't mean to you can press the undo button in the top left corner. After using the undo button it will disappear. You only get one undo for each coin drop. Also if you go into the info screen and back or close the app and re-open it, the undo button will no longer be available.

Most people who keep swear jars put the money they've accumulated toward something positive or something that will deter them from continuing to swear more. Once you're ready to reset the count back to $0.00 (after you've put that money toward or spent it on that deterrant), you simply tap the small "i" icon in the upper right of the screen to get to the info screen.

Swear Jar iPhone Screen Shot

The Info/Preferences Screen

In order to reset the jar back to $0.00, simply tap the reset slider. The swear count will reset to 0 and once you go back to the main screen your jar will be back to $0.00.

Tap the on/off toggle switch to turn sound on or off for the app.

To get back to the main screen, simply tap the Done button in the upper left portion of the screen.


If you have any issues with Swear Jar or have any bugs to report please fill out our contact form and we'll address them as quickly as possible.

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